June 17, 2013 I went to the doctor where I was informed that I had a cyst on my left ovary. I was told that it was not a big issue and that no procedure needed to be done at the moment, that it was possible that it could get bigger but that everything would be fine. I was having pain in my lower abdominal region so decided to go back to the doctor. I scheduled my appointment for December 2, 2013. I contacted the doctors office that day to let them know I was on my way, when they then informed me that my appointment was for the following day and that I was not going to be seen by the doctor. Now I know I’m not crazy, i know what day I scheduled the appointment for, but God had His own plan and I believe He did not want me to go back to that doctors office. I started searching online for another doctor so that I could find one that would allow me to go by after work and thankfully I found one. I went to the new doctor’s office where I was notified that I not only had one large cyst but many little cyst surrounding it as well. I was so nervous I could not contain my emotion in the doctors office and when I left their that evening my mind was racing with so many negative thoughts. I consulted with my Pastor the following day who told me to remove all those negative thoughts that I was NOT sick, and that I need to turn to God for healing. At the prayer session on Tuesday I prayed for healing and I continued to pray for the Lord’s healing in my life. I went to get a full lower body scan to check for any abnormalities and I was told that the results would be ready in three days. I continued praying to God and my Pastor continued praying for me as well. I went to the doctor to get the result of my scan and the results showed that I did not have one cyst in my body, even the doctor forgot that he told me I had one, because NOTHING showed up in the scan! God is so good and continues to be so good in my life! I thank Him for my health! I thank Him for my life! And I know that the God that I love and serve can do all things!
Thanks IM