Prophet Dr. Emmanuel Akinyemi

Prophet Dr. Emmanuel Akinyemi has been the pastor of Pathway Christian Fellowship Center since December 1992. He received his Doctorate from Andersonville Theological Seminary and his Master’s in Business Administration from East Texas State University. He also attended Galveston College receiving a degree in Vocational Nursing. Furthering his education he attended University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center training as an administrator. Dr. Akinyemi worked as an administrator for 11 years. He attended pastoral school and theological seminary school.
Prophet Dr. Akinyemi is a highly-respected and delivers the word of God with an ambitious attitude to ensure that believers understand the word of God. His communication to teach the word of God is taught with simplicity under the consecrate of the Holy Spirit. His ambition to do so is by teaching and directing believers to ensure that their work on earth will not be in vain it will be the advancement to enter into the kingdom of God and to complete the task of doing the will of the Lord.