A friend was helpless cause his wife had cancer. He could not make it to my church cause he is the care giver to his wife but asked that we pray for her. My pastor, Pastor Akinyemi lead the prayer warriors in praying for his wife , asking God for total healing. As of today, the doctors called it is unexplained remission but we at Miracle church call it DIVINE HEALING OF GOD. If you are reading this, regardless of where you have been, you might want to try MIRACLE CENTER CHURCH for your spiritual healing & blessing. This is from the one that would criticize and was skeptical. One of many personal miracles I witness personally in this church that i boldly claim now as my church…..TRY THE CHURCH AND WATCH GOD OPEN A WINDOW OF HEAVENS AND POUR OUT BLESSINGS SO BIG THAT YOU WILL NOT HAVE ENOUGH SPACE TO KEEP THEM ALL