I had been having shortness of breath off and on for awhile, so much so that it was difficult for me to sleep most nights. I had been seeing my doctor on a regular basis for my check-ups and mentioned my problem to him while at my regular visit. My doctor suggested that I have a Chest X-Ray to investigate the matter further. I received the results shortly after with shocking news, my doctor said that I had a mass on my lung, and that more tests would be needed to determine if it was cancerous or not. Naturally I was shocked and devastated, I prayed to God, I called every family member that I could think of that was in the medical field, and still anticipated my next visit with my doctor. I came to Miracle Center with my daughter for church and spoke with the Pastor; he prayed with me and told me that, the mass on my lung was nothing, don’t worry myself. I said to myself, ok “it’s nothing” and I came back to prayer meeting that following Tuesday, the pastor told me to have faith, don’t worry myself, and he instructed me to drink some of the anointing oil that he gave me from a previous visit; he said thank God, victory is mine, I am healed. I believed it and it was almost like I felt something exit my body while in the mist of everyone in prayer. I knew I was going to be alright. I went to the doctor a 2nd time and he said,“We are going to have to consult a specialist to see about this mass on your lung, right now we are going to draw blood work and set you up for a procedure where the mass will biopsied for cancer.” On the third visit the mass was biopsied and I wait a week or so after to hear back from the doctor. The doctor sat down with me to interpret my results and even he looked with disbelief. He said, “Well it turns out there is NOTHING THERE, there was a little oil (the anointing oil) in a pocket, but nothing there.” They offered to do more test to investigate it some more, I said “why bother, My God said otherwise, I am healed.”